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Run The Jewels 'Jewel Runner' Tour Mix | Stream und Free Download

Run The Jewels 'Jewel Runner' Tour Mix | Stream und Free Download

Run The Jewels 'Jewel Runner' Tour Mix

Na hot, da haben RTJ zur Tour mal eben ein "The Jewels Runner Tour Mixtape" gedropped.
So Perlen wie 100 Bars von Fashawn verstecken sich im Mix und natürlich gibt es das Ding als "Free Download". Unsere Lieblingsrapper aus NY und ATL haben da wieder ein gutes Händchen bei der Trackauswahl bewiesen. Anhören, feiern und downloaden. Run The Jewels halt.

We are a week into tour but better late than never: I present for your enjoyment the Jewel Runner Tour mixtape. I've dropped more merch than mixes lately--including my SKRATCH FAN snapback collabo with DJ Q-Bert and the RAPFANxRTJDJ t-shirt--but it all starts with the music, so I had to put something together for the tour. The project features tracks from all four acts, including Boots' Meow the Jewels remix and RTJ's late night television performance with TV On The Radio, as well as incredibly dope exclusives from Fashawn and Cuz Lightyear. Mike and El did some light hosting in classic WRTJ fashion, and the artwork was expertly handled by the great Ian Klarer, who also did the tour poster and last year's tour mix cover, among other things. Stream or download the mix online, but if you're a collector and want a physical copy you'll have to come out to one of our tour dates and hit up the merch table, or catch me spinning at an afterparty. RTJ all day...salutes.


Run the Jewels feat Cuz Lightyear - Bust No Moves
Boots - Aquaria
Fashawn - Ain't Me (Exclusive)
Cuz Lightyear - S.L.A.B.
Run the Jewels feat Boots - All My Life
Fashawn feat Busta Rhymes - Out the Trunk Remix
Boots - I Run Roulette
Cuz Lightyear - FRGN D$GN (Exclusive)
Big Grams feat Run the Jewels - Born to Shine
Boots - Howl Your Move
Cuz Lightyear - Trapaphobia
Fashawn - 100 Bars
Meow the Jewels - Meowrly (Boots Remix)
Cuz Lightyear - Sags N Flags
Run the Jewels & TV On the Radio - Angel Duster (Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)
Run The Jewels 'Jewel Runner' Tour Mix | Stream und Free Download

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