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SugarLosAngeles | Feinste Lifestyle Fotografie von Kody James aus L.A.

SugarLosAngeles | Feinste Lifestyle Fotografie von Kody James aus L.A.


The goal is a simple one, create beautiful images. I focus on the person, not the camera. I dont retouch a single photograph. And sometimes I shoot in the dark. I like it that way.

Coole, sexy und natürlich Bilder von hübschen Frauen aus L.A. 

Das Projekt Sugar Los Angeles hat sich diesem Thema verschrieben.
Feinste Lifestyle Fotografie aus Los Angeles ohne Schnick und Schnack.

I hope that you feel a sense of who these wonderful women are through these images. They are real, they are unique, and they all have their own style. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hier kommt mein Interview mit Kody James, dem Fotografen hinter diesem Projekt

What was the intention behind Sugar L.A. ?

Sugar LA was started with the intention of creating a small online magazine. The goal quickly changed as the photos piled up. I work full time in a normal town outside of Sacramento and didn't have the resources to do the elaborate shoots and I found out very quickly that I didn't want to. I started working with people I would meet at the mall, coffee shops, wherever. It helped me find my style and progress my work by having people to work with that didn't have a preconceived notion of what modeling was. It allowed me to focus on the moments that were real. I love the shots that don't feel like a magazine shot. They're not posed, just moments that you would find in your everyday life. The goal now is to simplify what i do and really focus on the people i work with. Everybody is so unique and i love capturing that. I'm really trying to push that idea and find out how far I could take it. I would love to work with celebrities and turn them into regular people again.

What kind of camera do you use most ?

I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a 35mm 1.8 lens. I don't use anything else. I don't retouch any of my work, just get my colors where I like them and start posting. I shoot too much to use film, I wouldn't have the time to process it! I spend about 10-20 seconds on an image and send it out. For me, without digital, I couldn't do what I do.

Where do you find your models?

It is so random. To give you an idea of how random, there is a guy at the local gas station that knows what I do, he approached a customer and said "I really like your look! I have a friend who's a photographer, here's his number". Her and I just shot for an international magazine coming out soon. You just never know.

When did you start the project ?

January of this year. All of the images you see on my site, Instagram, Facebook, etc. we're all shot over the last few months. I basically shoot, and start posting about 20 minutes later.

Who are you ? Just a regular guy trying to do honest work. Keep it real.

Thank you Kody James

SugarLosAngeles | Feinste Lifestyle Fotografie von Kody James aus L.A.

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