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Compton Zoo von MC Eiht | Offizielles Musikvideo als SOTD

Compton Zoo von MC Eiht | Offizielles Musikvideo als SOTD DJ Premier Brenk Sinatra

Ob wir heute einen Song of the Day haben? Klaro.

Compton Zoo von MC Eiht ist der SOTD.
MC Eiht droppt seine Bars auf den Beat von Brank Sinatra (der Beat-Killer aus Wien) und läßt von Premo die Scheiben rotieren. Der gute alte Wescoast Gangsta Rap ist zurück und das stellen wir auch gerade bei Ice Cube fest. Liegt es am Tupac Biopic? An der Tatsache, dass der gute alte Shice halt wirklich rockt und bestand hat? Man kann es nur erahnen - nun Eiht stammt ja aus dem Outlaw-Clan. Fakt ist, die Beats sind Killer, die alten Herren des Biz spitten noch fresh und es macht Lust auf mehr. Holt die Dickies und die All-Stars wieder aus dem Keller. 

New MC Eiht droppin’ end of this month on Blue Stamp/YRR yo!

Can I get a GEAH!?!?
For two decades MC Eiht has been one of hip-hop’s most recognizable voices in hip-hop; and undisputedly one of Compton’s finest originators and emcees.
A straight menace, MC Eiht burst onto the scene with Compton’s Most Wanted Music To Driveby. Released just months after the LA Riots, Music To Driveby was a manifesto for the nihilism, frustration and anger that permeated the region and is universally hailed as a Gangsta Rap classic.
Similarly, Eiht also contributed vital components and compositions to genre defining movies, offering the chilling “Growin’ Up In The Hood” to Boyz N The Hood and following up Music To Driveby with a star turn as A-Wax in Menace 2 Society, which included his stand-out contribution (“Streight Up Menace”) to the movies soundtrack.
Though accredited as MC Eiht featuring Compton’s Most Wanted, Eiht took on a more singular role with We Come Strapped, which was certified Gold and peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts and his sophomore solo project Death Threatz which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Charts.
While Eiht has always remained active; including an EP release (Keep It Hood), his scene-stealing appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City (“m.A.A.d City”) and his recent contribution (“Central Ave”) to DJ Quik & Problem’s Rosecrans album (which officially ended his vicious feud with Quik) Eiht gallantly returns with his first solo-album in a decade, Which Way Iz West, which will be released on 6-30-17 and aligns him with DJ Premier, who executive produced the project and also produces four tracks as well (Eiht’s long-time collaborator Brenk Sinatra produced the rest of the project). Featured guests on Which Way Iz West include WC, B-Real, Xzibit, Kurupt, Lady Of Rage, MayLAy, Big Mike, The Outlawz, Bumpy Knuckles (AKA Freddie Foxxx) and Compton’s Most Wanted.
The union of these two legends will be released conjunctly by Eiht’s Blue Stamp label and Preemo’s Year Round Records imprint.
After releasing the first video (and single), “Represent Like This” f/ WC and DJ Premier, Eiht unleashes the project’s second single, “Compton Zoo” which was premiered by Vibe. “Compton Zoo” signifies the struggle in and out of music and how I feel about the current state of hip-hop” Eiht declared to Vibe. “Just like Preemo digs deep into them crates for the scratch chorus, I can still express myself and dig deep as well. GEAH.” DJ Premier also offered Vibe some exclusive comments “Eiht kept sending me new songs to pick from as we were completing the album. “Compton Zoo” was one of the last new tracks he sent me and I immediately told him that this needed to be a single. I told Eiht, I’m going to put a scratch somehow in the hook so I can be a part of this. GEAH.”

Am 29. Juni soll die EP "Which Way Iz West" von MC Eiht released werden.
Wenn man bedenkt das es schon 2014/15 in die Produktion ging... lassen wir uns überraschen. 
Compton Zoo von MC Eiht | Offizielles Musikvideo als SOTD

Hat es dir gefallen, dann teile es gerne mit deinen Freunden und Kollegen.

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