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Fotokunst : Grandiose Lifestyle Fotografie von Robin Waters aus Kanada ( 29 Bilder )

Selbstportrait von Robin Waters
Von Wien mit Daniel Schreiber nach Kanada mit der sweeten Robin Waters.

| Ambition… dreams.i am an open book now.this was nothing more than an idea 2 years ago. idea turned vision. i’ve had from then till now to think about how i’m going to introduce myself.These ideas, dreams, emotions, feelings… are what have kept me going. my happiest moments have been the ones i created. the moments i dreamt of that finally came to be. there is no feelings like this one. nothing even comes close.when a dream becomes reality it shatters every law, breaks every rule. everything we were ever taught becomes fiction.forget the deceptions.look beyond the flashing lights.…all of this is for you now.  My ideas, dreams, emotions…I am giving them to you.I hope you grow to love them,-there is nothing that i love more.Robin.

Robin war so freundlich mir ein paar Fragen zu beantworten und überrascht von der Aufmerksamkeit die deutsche Blogger ihrer Arbeit widmen.
Von MC Winkel über Ben Hammer bis zum Maik von haben alle ihre Werke veröffentlicht und sie für einen Mann gehalten.

Auch mir sind ihre Aufnahmen schon letzte Woche ins Auge gefallen und nach meiner Anfrage bei ihr hat sie mich noch mal explizit darauf hingewiesen, dass sie eine Frau ist ;)

Ein wenig Hippie, ein wenig 70er Toycam ... Augenpr0n !
Trinkende Frauen, Surferboys, Tattoos und Party ... das Leben einer Generation - Deiner Generation !

Hier meine Fragen an Robin und ihre Antworten:

> How long have you been photographing?
I have been technically taking pictures for years, But only gotten serious with it in the last two. The response in just two years has been amazing, and without the support and feedback I might not be going as strong with it as i am right now. 

>How old are you ?
I just turned 23, I grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada, on Georgian Bay. The Great Lakes inspired what most take as a California-vibe in my photos (which has most definitely been a huge inspiration behind the work). Being raised on water gives you a laid-back outlook on life. The gorgeous lakes i grew up on had me craving the west coast lifestyle. Everybody has a dream to escape their current situation, and California has been mine. I love where I'm from, but I will forever be a wandering soul...

>Which idols do you have?
Any idols I have come from the past generations I wasn't alive to experience first hand, 60's style music and 70's lifestyle combined have inspired me to live outside of today's society's terms. We have become way too "civilized" and depressed as a society if you ask me, and the idea that there is a "right" and "wrong" way to live made me want to test my boundaries. What you see in the images is a sort of form of rebellion and free living perspective I guess. A certain shock value but not too much, because I don't want the images to lose their purpose. I'm not trying to sell my images through only sexuality -anyone can do that. I'm trying to mix it all up...have people confused and really question what they are feeling when they look at my work.
I think you can take a lot from these photos... it's really up to the viewer. Take what you want from it, just take something. 

>What are your next plans?
Next plans? I've been working on something for the last five months, (since i returned from my road trip to California) Being on the west coast inspires you to dream bigger, as if there are no limitations. So this next project is very dear to me, and it's extra special because it's something i can share with the people physically. Everyone will have a piece of me as their own. 

>Do you know Germany ?
I know very little about Germany, but the sudden interest from your country excites me! One of my first models ever and friend is german... I find germans to be very unique and genius creatively, so the sudden response from Germany (and Russia) to my work is quite flattering.

>Thank you very much Robin

So Leute, jetzt bekommt Ihr noch eine Menge von mir ausgesuchten Bildern um Eure Netzhaut zu verwöhnen und besucht unbedingt Robins Blog.
Fotokunst : Grandiose Lifestyle Fotografie von Robin Waters aus Kanada ( 29 Bilder )

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