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Tupac - Hail Mary | Bugs Bunny Mashup

Der epische 2Pac x Bugs Bunny Mashup

Der epische 2Pac x Bugs Bunny Mashup

Adam also Mylo the Cat ist wie immer ein Garant für feine Musik-/Video-MashUps und mit diesem Tupac Cover ist ihm wieder ein grandioses Werk geglückt. Klar, das Ding geht steil viral, denn kein geringerer als Bugs Bunny werden Tupac Shakurs Worte in den Mund gelegt. Ich feiere ja solche MashUps und schicke Euch damit schon mal ins Wochenende... na, hier wird eh noch viel passieren.

Mashup of Bugs Bunny rapping along to “Hail Mary” by the late great Tupac. Featuring cameos by a ton of other Looney Toons characters. Since this is my first time doing a Pac song, I made sure to freakin bring it. I wanted an iconic character to match, and who better than Bugs? 2Pac was so damn good at rapping, that even the stuff that he never planned on releasing, was all amazing. R.I.P. to one of the all-time greats. If anyone could point me in the direction of a modern rapper who could even remotely hold a candle to Pac, it would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, after 10 years of using Final Cut Pro Version 7, this is my very first video made on Adobe Premiere. Shoutout to all the companies would wouldn’t hire me because I was still using FCP. To quote my former professor, “A timeline is a timeline is a timeline. The editing platform doesn’t make a f*cking difference.” Wubalubadubdub. Video by Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn. 

Tupac - Hail Mary | Bugs Bunny Mashup

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