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SOTD : KerenDun und Echo - I'll Follow You (Offizielles Musikvideo / Stream und Lyrics)

Montag, Mai 12, 2014

KerenDun und Echo - I'll Follow You

KerenDun von Buttering Trio hat ein schönes Video zusammen mit Echo herausgebracht. Tolle Musik, schönes spaciges Video.

Eindeutig der "Song of the Day".

Vocals & lyrics - Echo & KerenDun
Music - KerenDun
Choreography - Ori Kroll
Mastering - Asaf Shay

Director, Producer, art & Post - Ella Ponizovsky
Filming - Lior Bentov
Location & extra help - Overstay TLV

Awake from dreams
years I've been chasing
look into a predator tear, see our reflection
we run through fire that feels like the sea
and I can cover myself in these dreams.
Blind folded, eyes are closed,
and I'm in, not strong not cold,
your hand it holds me close,
and you are beautiful

I'll follow you

I stand in a crossroad
of what I've been told and what my heart knows
I choose to be open
my future unknown, my past is long gone.
Ain't life like a road that one takes,
with all its' wrong turns and blessed mistakes?
But do I have to walk it alone? I feel like the answer is no.
Now if you'll let me do, walk in this road not alone but in two,
I want to share it with you

I'll follow you

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