'Über' Mixtape Must Have Dj Marsellus Wallace - Soundtrack Pro ( 70er Cinema Tracks - Stream und Download )


Ein absolutes Übermixtape, Soundtrack Pro bedient sich der coolsten 70er Kinosoundtracks und bietet so das ultimative Autofahr-Chef-Shaft-Kojak-Gefühl. Hammer gut was DJ Marsellus Wallace da gemixed hat.
This is a mixtape that I just finished that was made from all 70's soundtrack material. I am a huge soundtrack collector and decided it was time to compile some of my favorite records from the collection. Enjoy!

Wer sich also wie ein Kinoheld der 70er fühlen will und trotz Shicewetter vor die Türe traut wird hier perfekt ausgestattet sein.

|So, what I wanted to do was make a mix that had that feel to it, but also in the style of many hip hop mixes that had influenced me in the past. There were many tracks/ost's that I wanted to put on here, but unfortunately the feeling was just not there while laying it down. It almost felt like I was arranging my own orchestra the more I got into it. That is why I added dialogue, action themes, and chase scenes. To give it that 1970's crime jazz feel!

Auf seinem Blog hat Marsellus dann auch noch den Downloadlink veröffentlicht - sauber!
via whosgunnataketheweight


2 Meinungen

  1. Hammer, danke für diesen großartigen Tipp Jens!

  2. Immer alles für meine Leser!!!1elf



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